NEW release—’between light & shadow’ by Debbi Antebi

between light & shadow by Debbi Antebi

A collection of haiku and senryu.


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Debbi Antebi produces social observations we can recognise in ourselves at least once in our lives, and if we are honest, possibly several times. The senryu are some of the very best I’ve read, and have that rare added essence of haiku at times. At other times the author includes distinctive senryu aspects into her haiku, absorbing qualities of both genres.

Reading her senryu (a type of comic verse) they are superior to one level jokes, or anecdotes, that we might only read once, enjoy, and move on without revisiting. Her senryu are incredibly touching and blisteringly honest, yet reassuringly comforting and necessary in times of need.

Her haiku merge with a touch of senryu making them also highly re-readable, and not just once or twice more, but several times over the years. One particular haiku, with a senryu flavour, is one of the finest examples of how you can add an aspect of one genre to another: It begins with falling leaves, and is one I will keep close to my heart.

I’ve already read many many times each poem, be it senryu or haiku, from running out of words, possibly one of the most contemporary and insightful senryu I’ve ever read, to family dinneralone at home, to catching up, and moving day as well as visiting home. I can’t reveal these poems because I want you to have that honour.

—Alan Summers, President, United Haiku and Tanka Society, Co-Founder, Call of the Page

I took the greatest pleasure in reading this collection. Debbi Antebi’s poems speak to me. They move me. They please me. She sheds her attachments in the very first poem, and that makes me want to shed mine too.

Debbi invites us to join her on a life journey, accompanying her as she performs ordinary daily chores, and celebrating with her as she experiences transcendent moments of self-discovery. Her poems are both subtle and bold; delicate and powerful; intimate and accessible. From the first page I felt I was in the presence of a friend, happy to travel along with her, between light and shadow.

 —Zee Zahava, Editor of brass bell: an online haiku journal

Debbi Antebi has penned for the reader some moments built of light. It is that same lightness that Basho spoke of as being integral to his own poems. Her poetry, just as bits of sand do, glimmers and shines off the pages with ever changing meanings. This is a book of small poems that pulls you with each reading into a whole painting made of poetry. It is, in short, a book you will read again and again for the sheer joy of discovering the many nuances on each page.

—Michael Rehling, Editor of Failed Haiku

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