DANDELION: editorial services

Do you have a book in you, but don’t know where to start?

DANDELION is an imprint of wildflower poetry press, offering editorial services throughout the process of self-publication.


Please find below a list providing examples of services covered:

  • Developmental editing (guidance on selection, arrangement, ‘finding the pulse’ of a book, or alternatively help bringing out ‘the voice’ of an author)
  • Copy-editing (correction and making suggestions regarding spelling, word use, grammar, punctuation, structure of sentences and poems; standardising the presentation; cross-checking; checking factual accuracy and integrity; overall consistency; suggestions for revision)
  • Design (advice on typesetting, page layout, book size)
  • Proofreading (error-checking; including spelling, punctuation, grammar)
  • Copyright (general advice, ISBN etc.)
  • Publication (platforms, offering both general and specific advice)


Specific skills and main areas of expertise include:

  • poetry; particular focus on short poetry; haiku; digital art
  • cultural politics; sociology; gender studies
  • editing non-native English
  • translation; Swedish to English
  • developmental editing
  • self-publishing support
  • fast service


Other services offered:

  • mentoring
  • script evaluation
  • script proofreading
  • cover design


If you are interested in any of our services, please send a simple query highlighting your areas of concern, timeframe and other questions to— wildflowerpoetrypress@gmail.com

Fees vary depending on services required, starting at £30/hour.

Thank you.